OOP: History Of C++ And Features Of C++

History and features of c++

History And Features Of C++ We try to provide features and history of C++ language in easy language. History of C++ : New programming languages appeared in 1960’s. And that was the early level of computer development. There are many languages that are introduced before C++ language: CPL (Combined Programming …

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Language Processor – Compiler, Interpretor and Assembler


Language Processor – Compiler, Interpretor and Assembler Language Processor: We know that computer understands only machine languages easily. Assembly language or high level language Programs cannot be run directly on computer. It must be convert into machine language. Language processor is a software. It is used to convert a program …

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Programming languages And Its Types

Programming Languages

Programming languages: A set of code, words and symbols used to write programs is called programming languages.Programming languages is used to create programs. There are two types of programming languages : – Low level languages High level languages 1) Low level languages: Low level programming languages are not easily understandable …

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